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Stretching on Yoga Mat

Stretch & Massage Class

Stretch and Massage class is designed for those that need to stretch their bodies, but don't or not enough. You will not only decreased pain in this class, but open up your chest and allow for easier deeper breathing. You will walk away more flexible, feel lighter, and relaxed.

Fall in love with your bodies natural movement abilities. 

Hosted by Michelle Partington and Nicole Manual

Class Details

In a forward facing and limited moving society, we find our bodies feeling tired, sore and restricted. These classes are designed for adults who need that extra push to get your body moving with less restriction. 

Classes are designed smaller so you will have hands on attention by a registered massage therapist, who will take into account your personal limitations.

Manual cups and hot stones will be incorporated to help elongate the muscle tissue and help break down restricted scar tissue.

This will be a slow moving class infused with essential oils and ending with instruction on the diaphragmatic breathing.


Classes will be held Friday @ noon for 4 weeks.

Location: Strong.Fit.Healthy  162 Houlton Rd

Cost: Promotional price of $160
Limited number of participants

Pre- registration will be required and payment must be made in full prior to the start of class.

Please contact the clinic for more information on how to register.


Hot Stone Massage
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